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What is the “Best” Stock Trading Strategy in 2022?

By Deron Wagner | September 27, 2022

Stock Trading Strategy

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I remember being a new stock trader (nearly 25 years ago) and trying to figure out the most profitable stock trading strategy.

Like many newbies, much of my initial stock trading education was through trial and error.

I was a student at the (rather expensive) school of hard knocks.

But after lots of headaches and trading losses, I finally invested the time to start learning successful short-term trading strategies.

I began my quest for the absolute best stock trading strategy by reading books about many types of trading strategies.

It was definitely a step in the right direction, but I quickly ran into another challenge—nearly all the trading systems I studied claimed to be “the best.”

Frankly, it was information overload, which eventually led to a bad case of analysis paralysis!

Eventually, I determined there was no best stock trading strategy that fits all.

Rather, thebest trading system was simply one I could easily follow to generate consistent profits, while properly managing risk.

A profitable strategy that was too difficult to correctly follow was useless.

Likewise, I was not interested in any trading system that carried too much risk.

That’s when I began creating my own stock trading system based on the best parts of several different winning trading techniques.

Years later, I had successfully created a rock-solid strategy for swing trading stocks, which was proven to work in all types of market conditions.

This eventually became the current Morpheus swing trading strategy, which we have since shared with more than 70,000 traders and investors since 2002.

Are you a struggling stock trader on a similar quest for knowledge?

If so, we can help.

Take a few minutes now to read our simple and concise overview of the Morpheus swing trading strategy and see what you think.

You will discover a rule-based, “no nonsense” stock trading strategy that is easy to follow and simply works.

Also, don’t miss the swing trade setups page for some basic chart examples that put it all together:

If you have any questions, just press the chat icon on this page.

Yours in success,

Deron Wagner, PhD (h.c.)founder | Morpheus Trading Group

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