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ONE “Obvious” Stock With $2,400 Price Target

You might not see it. 

You may only see a stock trading 74% lower than its 52-week high…

But if you look closer … there’s a secret #BOP economy forming.

It’s a secret because the other guys only see the doom and gloom, crash-prepping, recession fears.

Yet there’s an army of bullish, optimistic, positive Main Street investors that see the stocks that will rise from the ashes and seem “obvious” for YEARS to come.

These investors — YOU — are the Strong Hands.

The stocks are America 2.0 growth stocks.

I’ll tell you about one today.

Zoom Out for a True Growth Outlook

I’ll admit it! 

My $250 ARKK Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKK) price prediction by the end of 2022 seems like a long shot. 

ARKK is down 62% this year.

The sell-off in growth stocks is lasting longer than we could have imagined. 

We are down … NOT out.

And I’m holding my own Strong Hands for ARKK. Why?

Because like Cathie Wood over at ARK Invest, these are innovative companies with strong balance sheets and tremendous use cases.

One of ARKK’s largest holdings and a Profits Unlimited “obvious” stock is  Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: ZM).

It’s trading 74% off its 52-week high. But if you zoom out (pun intended 😂), you can see the potential. 

Beaten down with the rest of the stock market, ZM was once a high flyer trading at $568 per share. 

Now, it’s trading at just $107 per share — a massive discount! 

Like many growth stocks in the market, it’s been oversold. 

Over an 81% decline from its all-time high, we believe ZM will surpass its previous highs. 

In fact, Paul has a price target for ZM as high as $2,400 over the next few years. This would be a 2,050% gain from where it is today!

In our opinion, that makes the current price a steal.

For those of you who don’t know, Zoom is a unified communication platform offering video, voice and chat services. 

It’s how we record your Bold Profits Daily.  

Plus, Zoom recently partnered with DocuSign Inc. to allow customers to sign legal documents remotely. 

Projects, meetings, updates, conference calls, birthday parties … can all be done via Zoom.  

Innovation is about making life easier, faster, cheaper and more efficient. And Zoom is a prime example of what innovation is all about.

But should you buy it now?

Zoom = 1 Incredible Stock Trading at a Discount!

With so much FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt), we know it’s hard. You may have Zoom sitting in your portfolio down over 80% from its all-time high. 

But it’s not the time to sell.

In fact, with massive discounts in the market, now is the ideal time to buy or “average down.” 

Zoom has a current market cap of $32 billion. 

Its projected revenue for 2022 is $4.1 billion and is estimated to increase its revenue 39% by 2025 to $5.7 billion.

Even though the stock price has fallen off a cliff, the company demonstrates exceptional growth. 

At the end of the first quarter (Q1), Zoom had 198,900 enterprise customers, up 24% year over year (YOY). Its Q1 2022 revenue grew 12% YoY to just over $1 billion.

Not only is Zoom continuing to grow and showing no signs of slowing down, it also has a healthy balance sheet. 

At the end of Q1 2022, Zoom had $5.7 billion in cash. 

That’s more than enough cash to be able to fall back on or to expand into emerging markets. 

If you remove emotion from the market crash, Zoom is a no-brainer. 

If you separate the emotion of crashing stk prices and focus on the solutions our companies represent to todays problems, you can see that the future is v bright for them. If their business future is bright then the future for their stocks is also v bright.

— 🇺🇸Paul Mampilly (@MampillyGuru) June 13, 2022

(Get more insights from Paul here!)

Companies that prioritize innovation and real-life solutions have huge growth potential. 

Like many of our growth stocks, ZM is oversold due to the fear in the market.

The silver lining? More opportunities to buy at these bargain prices. 

When the market transitions from bear to bull, people will wonder how they missed these “obvious” opportunities to buy at these prices. 

If you’re looking to buy more shares of Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: ZM), use the Rules of the Game.

This is a great example of following Rule No. 3: Build your positions over time.

The current state of the market offers you a great opportunity for it.

Get a refresh on the rules by clicking here to get your free report.

And if you’re still flexing your #StrongHands, you’re already one step ahead in the secret #BOP economy. 


 Daniel Shifflett

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

Disclaimer: We will not track any stocks in your Bold Profits Daily. We are just sharing our opinions, not advice. If you want access to the stocks in our model portfolio with tracking, updates and buy/sell guidance, please check out Profits Unlimited.

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