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1 Secret Movement Smart Investors Understand

Markets have many little movements.

Investors often mistake the end of a movement with the end of the bull market.

Look up Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and you’ll see it’s broken up into many little movements.

Between each movement is a break.

If you’re not familiar with the sonata, you may confuse the end of the movement with the end of the piece. But experienced listeners know the end because it’s clear.

That’s because it tells you very clearly that it’s the end.

Markets do the same.

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Bottom line: We’re still bullish and looking for innovation across sectors! But don’t take my word for it, read about it below: 

Tesla’s New Energy Discovery: Bigger Than EVs? A new Tesla energy initiative is so impressive it could outgrow its automotive business. The best part: Everyday consumers — and investors — can help ignite this Bold Profits mega trend for MASSIVE profits.
One Stock for iPower Revolution. It’s not a household name like Tesla, and only trades for $10, but we believe that’s about to change as this sweeping new energy rollout begins…
1 Sector Signals Crypto Boom. This is the next step in the New American Dream. And it’s super bullish for the crypto market.
1 Thing We Need From the Fed Now… Right now, the market is pricing in eight rate hikes — even though a June triple hike is off the table! But there’s one thing we know. Innovation solves problems.


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