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1 Earnings Season Trigger for Growth Stocks

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🔥 Macro — This data looks negative, but spoiler: I think it’s going to be positive for growth stocks (some down 80% & 90%). They’ll not only survive but lead the market higher.  (1:00) 

🔥 Crypto — A lot of altcoins took a hit especially after bitcoin’s drop to $17K, but there’s a speculative and bullish move happening. And what’s going on with Tether, BlockFi and Voyager?  (19:36)

The narrative is beginning to change.

Inflation to recession.

But the markets aren’t pricing this in yet. 

That tells me there’s one big thing to watch in the next earnings season. (Watch for the full story.)

Finally, we could see a decoupling of America 2.0 growth stocks and America 1.0 blue chips.

One is heading for even bigger financial trouble and is likely to report minimal to negative earnings. 

The other is primed for double-digit growth, despite inflation. Less debt, no dividend obligations, no buybacks and healthy cash on hand. 

Can you guess which? I know you can, but watch for the big earnings indicator that will spark the Great Reversal! 


Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

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